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I noticed about a year ago, that there are a whole bunch of phrases that I return to in my head.

“Tony Zammit’s pro-street Sierra”
Caption for a hot-rod model in Street Machine magazine.

“Uncle Buckle-Up”
Road safety promoting cuddly toy adopted as a disguise by “Hannibal” Smith in The A-Team

I’ve just picked up a book which, on the second page, refers to cracking off the chocolate to expose the marshmallow and jam in a teacake. There is no jam in a teacake. Never has been, never will be. This book is a Sunday Times best-seller! You would have thought someone would have pointed out this despicable factual error.

I also seem to remember an error right at the start of J G Farrell’s Singapore Grip and my creative writing tutor starting her novel “I was heading north with the already-hot African sun rising over to my left” (it wasn’t a sci-fi / alternative universe thing either).

Returning to the book of teacake infamy, I now find our heroine “peaking” through a gap in the curtains. COME ON! Even mountaineers don’t “peak” any more – they “summit”. Perhaps she means “peek”…